Massachusetts Institute of Technology will have a conference Bitcoin Expo

March 5-6, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) will host the annual conference of Bitcoin Expo, organized by an independent student bitcoin club.

By the statement it will be admitted only by the students selected speakers, all of whom will participate in the conference on a voluntary basis:

"Nobody can to be a speaker at any price. We invite speakers to act pro bono, combining the most well-known companies and quite "green" start-ups ", - quotes the words of the head of the Bitcoin student club Magazine.

At present, along with representatives of R3, Nasdaq, Digital Asset Holdings, confirmed their participation a number of independent developers and researchers, including co-author of the first textbook bitcoin Princeton University professor Arvind Narayanyan.

It is expected that payment for the tickets will be returned to the participants of the conference in electronic currency.

Topics scheduled performances range from the technical aspects of Internet governance to the controversy surrounding the block size and the future of Bitcoin in the global financial system.

Bitcoin Club MIT is an active member of the blockchain Network education (BEN) - considers its mission to create a space for the "study, discussion and development of ideas, projects, programs, activities, startups associated with e-currency bitcoin."