Burgers for Bitcoins: Dutch Burger King began to take digital currency

Burger King in Dutch Arnhem began accepting Bitcoin. When you buy a burger, you can get a second free. Bitcoin is accepted in 100 shops in the city.

About the possibility to buy burgers for bitcoins says the project "Arnem is Bitcoin city ". According to the announcement posted on the website of the project, the purchase of a burger which is called "uopper" menu in Russian, the second can be obtained free.

Fast-food restaurant are part of a whole network of firms and companies that accept payable bitcoin. In total, the Dutch city of more than 100 companies working with digital currency. This was made possible thanks to the project "Arnem is Bitcoin city."

Founders of the project - Eric van der Meyde, Annette de Boer and Roger Eykelhof - created it in 2014. The project's objective is formulated very simple.

"We want to ensure that any services in Arnhem could pay Bitcoin", - says the project.

To connect to the project entrepreneurs requires a standard tablet, where is placed a program for processing bitcoin payments (Dutch BitKassa enthusiasts use the service). After that firms can receive payments in Bitcoin and then exchange them for fiat money through processing company. Thus, the participants of the project "Arnhem is Bitcoin City " is not engaged in software development, and talk to entrepreneurs about the benefits of digital currency. In this they were able to achieve significant progress.

At the time of launch of the project in May 2014 in Arnhem only 15 companies used bitcoin. Now more than 100 companies in the city have made their choice in favor of digital currency.