Mike Hearn denies the existence of a conspiracy of bankers against Bitcoin

Bitcoin Core former developer Mike Hearn has published the second in the last days entry in his blog on the Medium, which commented an article about "failed experiment" with Bitcoin was part of the conspiracy of the world of high finance.

Last week Hearn published an article where he said that he was disappointed in Bitcoin and leaves the industry. He also said that digital currency is essentially controlled by the Chinese miners, and the lack of consensus in the debate on increasing the size of the block only worsens the situation. Hearn’s Applications were met quite critical, there were also suggestions that his post was directed at the walls of the consortium R3CEV. Last working to develop technology for a distributed registry of major banking institutions at the end of 2015 has enlisted the services of Herne.

On Monday, Mike Hearn released a new record, in which he tried to refute such allegations, saying in particular that bitcoin and his new company can not be considered as competitors. He also quotes one of the founders of R3 Todd MacDonald, who expressed the belief that both projects can coexist, and agrees with these conclusions, although earlier, saying that bitcoin is on the verge of technical collapse.

"Bitcoin is competing with some big banks, but the banks - this is largely a credit and trading. These activities would be carried out and in that case, if the bitcoin was one of the world's currencies. Banks and bitcoin exist in parallel, and the fate of R3 is not dependent on the fate of Bitcoin. "