Uproov will be available for Android users

Online service authentication photos, video and audio built on the basis of technology block chain, from January 15 will be available for Android users to download.

The application for smartphones was developed by an Australian company Ledger Assets Pty Ltd, to allow users to certify their ownership of digital content, and to improve methods of trade and evaluation. The authenticity of digital content is set by putting a mark on the time and place of his assurances in real time. Once the file is to certify the authenticity of the application, Uproov transaction generates a unique key and sends it to the owner in the email. In December 2015, an application was made available for download in the iTunes App Store.

Commenting on the mechanism of the application, one of the founders of start-Ledger Assets Bulich said John portal IBTimes:

«Uproov uses strong cryptographic infrastructure, as well as the protocol of the block chain, which allows protecting information stored in blockchain. These technologies work in order to assure the authenticity of the images, video or audio recordings. This means that no pixel images are sent to the application can not be changed; the same applies to certain passages of audio or video, "carried" through the application - they can not be removed. Any change to these files will also change the cryptographic keys, which will no longer be the same as that which is written in a "ledger" blockchain. "

In addition to the authenticity of the images, video and audio recordings made with the help of smartphones, the authenticity of the existing files in cloud storage such as iCloud, Dropbox or other, can also be confirmed by Uproov.