Is the new Bitcoin debit card from Bitwala really the cheapest?

Service Bitwala, which allows Bitcoin payments in all EU countries, has recently introduced its new function. Now customers of the company have the ability to use Bitcoin debit card, through which they can spend their money almost directly.

There are two types of cards: the virtual value of 5 euros and plastic at a price of 10 euros. It is noteworthy that, unlike its competitors Bitwala set tariff for replenishment card - 0.5% of the amount, with a minimum contribution must not be less than 1 euro. The same fee is charged to make SEPA payments.

Bitwala general director Joerg von Minkwitz told:

"Every day we are working to provide our customers the opportunity to enjoy a full life, using Bitcoin. Through the introduction of SEPA, users will have some analogue of the bank account, but to order goods over the Internet or getting cash from an ATM was still uneasy. By running our program debit card, we will put an end to these problems once and for all. "

Recharge card takes a very long period of time - three days. Joerg von Minkwitz argues that in fact the process is much faster, but first the company has decided not to give customers high-profile commitments in case it fails to justify them, so set a time frame of three days. The vast majority of small payments are processed in near real time during standard working hours in Europe. Charges in larger sizes on average, take about 24 hours.