The founder of the Silk Road was arrested In Thailand

Another major figure associated with the blocked site Silk Road, may soon appear before a US court. We are talking about a Canadian citizen Roger Thomas Clark, who is supposed to have been a senior adviser to Ross Ulbricht, now serving a life sentence founder of Silk Road.

54-year-old Clark was arrested in Thailand on December 3 and can now be extradited to the United States. The relevant formal request was sent to the US authorities.

In the US, Clark accused of involvement in a criminal group which was engaged in the illegal sale of drugs, and only this episode provides a minimum ten years or life imprisonment. In addition, he is accused of money laundering, for which he provided for a maximum period of 20 years in prison.

The FBI believes Clark kind of "family adviser" like Tom Hagen in "The Godfather", as he gave numerous tips about Silk Road. Ulbricht once called Clark "trusted teacher", considering his "consulting services" to maximize profits extremely effective.

It was Clark's supposed to, and operated under well-known in criminal circles pseudonym Variety Jones or just VJ.

In the history of the arrest Clark he distributed the information that the hunt for him a kind of agent-werewolf FBI who wants access to the former purse Ross Ulbricht. As stated in the purse it were more than 300,000 BTC, and the FBI was sure that Clark might know the password to it.

In exchange for access to the wallet Clark offered a safe haven in Singapore, however, taking into account the size of the sums, he was sure that his life is in real danger.

Recall that in October for stealing bitcoins Silk Road and extortion to 6.5 years in prison sentenced a former US federal agent Carl Fors.