The robot-buyer returned to the darknet

Automatic online shopping bot random (Random Darknet Shopper), who finds and buys products in the darknet, using for this purpose weekly budget of $ 100, resumed its activities.

Boat came back after a forced break last year when it was temporarily confiscated by the law enforcement agencies of the Swiss city of St. Gallen. Last week, a robot created by artists of European art group MediengruppeBitnik, purchased for $ 35 fake shirt Lacoste.

Boat programmed random selection and purchase of goods in the "dark web". All purchased products robot displayed at the exhibition. The site! Mediengruppe Bitnik task bot is described as "the study of the Internet by selling goods in it." With the acquisition of things accidentally artists expect to collect a wide range of goods sold in the darknet.

Boat switched to Alpha Bay Market

From October 2014 to January 2015 bot purchased goods on the market Agora Market. In September, the market Agora ceased operations. Now the robot operates in the market of Alpha Bay, which is an art group called the largest shadow market of the Internet.

It’s first shopping tour darknet bot made in September last year. A month later, it bought 10 ecstasy tablets. The prosecutor's office of St. Gallen confiscated pills along with the robot itself. The competent authorities have confirmed that the tablet containing the drug MDMA.

In April, the robot returned, the tablets were destroyed. The police concluded that the plans of the artists did not enter sale or purchase of narcotic pills.